We are inviting academic organizations, training providers and businesses to explore collaboration possibilities in the rapidly changing circumstances of Industry 4.0. While the recent technological changes have great potential to improve work life, it is important to recognize the importance of sustainable education and training across all levels of the workforce.

Smart machines are becoming ever more intelligent suggesting new ways of distributing repetitive and more creative tasks between humans and machines. To facilitate these processes, the cooperation of all stakeholders must be planned and unanimously understood, so that the workforce becomes an active co-designer of Industry 4.0.

Day 1


Future Trends of Work Life

On the first day, we invite representatives from industry and businesses to share their insights on the future trends of work life.

  • What are the characteristics and educational needs of the new-age workplace?
  • How to motivate our people to participate in designing the new workplace?
  • How to facilitate the training processes of new people and grow mentoring talent in the existing workers?
  • How can education and worker motivation spark innovation in industry and bring us closer to Industry 4.0?
  • What are the common issues of the current education or training methods in industry?
  • What are opportunities for new training and learning paradigms that integrate learning and working?

Day 2


Training and Learning Paradigms of the Digital Age

On the second day, we welcome the training and technology industry to discuss the new educational paradigms that accompany the digital age.

  • What are the possible issues and how to solve them?
  • How to sustain, promote and share already existing good practices?
  • What are the key collaboration areas of all stakeholders?

Increasing number of initiatives bring together companies and education and training providers to shape the future of learning using different types of educational data. Possibilities of using data in educational decision making and other practices will be discussed on the second day of the track.

EC-TEL 2017

This event will be part of the European Conference on Technology-enhanced Learning (EC-TEL) which will take place from the 12th to 15th of September 2017 in Tallinn. With over 200 participants every year, EC-TEL has developed into one of the key conferences for learning technology and learning processes related with the digital transformation in society. The theme of this year’s conference will be “Data Driven Approaches in Digital Education”.


Heiti Mering

Magnus Meldre

Vaiko Hansson

Triin Ploompuu

Viktoria Pammer-Schindler

Challenges and Solution Approaches for Learning in Industry 4.0

The Know-Center is carrying out excellent research as well as consulting on technologies for learning in organisations since over 15 years. In this presentation, we lay out the challenges as seen by sector-leading global companies in the manufacturing sector for learning in organisations. We also sketch solution approaches based on our own experience.

Olari Koppel

Millennials – the new workforce

Stenver Jerkku

5h workday at eAgronom

Mait Müntel

Mait Müntel

Lingvist – Accelerated Learning by using Big Data

Lingvist is the next generation language learning software built to make language learning significantly faster by using big data and machine learning techniques. The talk will give an overview of the latest developments and results based on Lingvist data.

Why participate?

Training and Technology providers

Who should come?
  • Product developers
  • Sales representatives
  • Market researchers
What will you get?
  • Learn about new research trends in EC-TEL
  • Discover the new needs of the market
  • Find research/business partners
  • Find clients & do market research
  • Have a say in the future of EC-TEL research

Academic organizations

Who should come? Researchers engaged in
  • Educational technology
  • Pedagogy
  • Andragogy
  • Human resources
  • New organizational models
  • Learning information systems
What will you get?
  • Share research findings
  • Find new partners
  • Find marketing/sales channels for your solutions
  • Get feedback from the field


Who should come?
  • HR
  • Team leads
  • Project/process managers
What will you get?
  • Learn how to engage your workers in company strategy
  • Find new training methods to optimize boarding new people
  • Learn how to grow mentoring talent and knowledge sharing
  • Discover new tools to facilitate training
  • Have a say in the future of EC-TEL research

Supporting organizations


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